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Explore the optimization landscape for direct policy learning reinforcement learning.
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Policy Learning Landscape

This repository contains code to explore the policy optimiaztion landscape.

Quick setup

To run cartpole simply do:

python3 --env CartPole-v0 --policy_type discrete

To run something from Mujoco you must have it installed and the associated license. To run Hopper-v1 use:

python3 --env Hopper-v1 --policy_type normal --std 0.5

Parameters will be saved into ./parameters as numpy files. After obtaining some parameters from different runs use the following commands to analyze the landscape.

  1. First install eager_pg: pip install -e ..

  2. Random Pertubations Experiment:

cd interpolation_experiments
python --p1 ./path/to/parameter/1/npy \
--save_dir ./path/to/save/in/ \
--alpha 0.5 --std 0.5 --n_directions 500
  1. Linear Interpolation Experiment:
cd interpolation_experiments
python --p1 ./path/to/parameter/1/npy \
--p2 ./path/to/parameter/2/npy --save_dir ./path/to/save/in/ \
--stds 5.0 --alpha_start -0.5 --alpha_end 1.5 --n_alphas 2 \
--save_dir ./path/to/save/in

Note that interpolation tools only work with continuous policies.

Code organization

  • eager_pg: contains a small library to enable quick research in policy gradient reinforcement learning.
  • analysis_tools: contains tooling to make nice figures in papers.
  • interpolation_experiments: Experiments to explore the landscape in policy optimization.


If you use the proposed method or code, we'd appreciate if you could cite this work!

  title={Understanding the impact of entropy in policy learning},
  author={Ahmed, Zafarali and Roux, Nicolas Le and Norouzi, Mohammad and Schuurmans, Dale},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.11214},


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