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Contributing: submitting patches and tutorials

Submitting a pull request

Contributor License Agreements

We'd love to accept your code patches! However, before we can take them, we have to jump a couple of legal hurdles.

Please fill out either the individual or corporate Contributor License Agreement.

  • If you are an individual writing original source code and you're sure you own the intellectual property, then sign an individual CLA.
  • If you work for a company that wants to allow you to contribute your work, then sign a corporate CLA.

Follow either of the two links above to access the appropriate CLA and instructions for how to sign and return it.

  1. Sign the contributors license agreement above.
  2. Decide which code you want to submit. A submission should be a set of changes that addresses one issue in the issue tracker. Please don't mix more than one logical change per submission, because it makes the history hard to follow. If you want to make a change (e.g. add a sample or feature) that doesn't have a corresponding issue in the issue tracker, please create one.
  3. Submitting: When you are ready to submit, send us a Pull Request. Be sure to include the issue number you've fixed and the name you used to sign the CLA.

Writing Code

If your contribution contains code, please make sure that it follows the style guide. Otherwise, we will have to ask you to make changes, and that's no fun for anyone.

Formatting HTML

To simplify PR reviews, please word-wrap HTML files at 80 characters or fewer.

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