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AutoValue 1.6.3

@eamonnmcmanus eamonnmcmanus released this
· 438 commits to master since this release
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  • Make AutoValue and AutoService support Gradle incremental build. Thanks to Thomas Broyer for this work. (a5673d0)
  • When hashCode() is @Memoized, equals() will be optimized to check hash codes first before other properies (34a6a03)
  • MemoizeExtension recognises @Nullable type annotations, not just method annotations. (66a57ec)
  • Remove unnecessary parentheses from the generated equals(Object) method in @AutoValue classes. (a5387a6)
  • Clarify the AutoValueExtension documentation to explain how subclassing works in the code generated by extensions. (73e848a)
  • GwtSerialization support now works in the presence of AutoValue extensions. (9cc04ec)
  • Remove the need for the java.desktop module on Java 9+. (f878642)