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Developers of Blockly Games need to build the project in order to make changes.

Get the Code

First, download the source code. Git is the easiest:

git clone

Or just download a ZIP:

Get the Dependencies

Enter the Blockly Games directory you just created, and get/build the dependencies (Blockly, Closure Compiler, JS-Interpreter, Babel, Ace, SoundJS):

cd blockly-games/
make deps

Build all the Games

The next step is to build all the games:

make games

It takes about two minutes. There shouldn't be any errors.

Build one Game

While developing a game, it is nice to be able to quickly recompile only a single game. Here are the build commands for the existing games:

make index
make puzzle
make maze
make bird
make turtle
make movie
make music
make pond-tutor
make pond-duck
make gallery

The previously mentioned make games is just a shortcut for all the above commands.

Test Locally

Point a browser at blockly-games/server/html/index.html and you should see all the games.

Debug Mode

To avoid having to recompile after small changes, visit /admin (or blockly-games/server/html/admin.html if being served directly off a file system) to switch to uncompressed mode.

Now you can just press reload in the browser to get the latest version after most changes. Note that changes to dependencies (goog.require) still require a recompile.