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// Copyright (c) 2016, Google Inc. Please see the AUTHORS file for details.
// All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Data model for the built_value chat example.
library data_model;
import 'package:built_collection/built_collection.dart';
import 'package:built_value/built_value.dart';
import 'package:built_value/serializer.dart';
part 'data_model.g.dart';
/// Marker interface for classes sent from client to server.
abstract class Command {}
/// Sends a chat.
abstract class Chat implements Built<Chat, ChatBuilder>, Command {
static Serializer<Chat> get serializer => _$chatSerializer;
// Chat text.
String get text;
/// Set of usernames to send the chat to, or empty to send to everyone.
BuiltSet<String> get targets;
factory Chat([Function(ChatBuilder) updates]) = _$Chat;
/// Logs in.
abstract class Login implements Built<Login, LoginBuilder>, Command {
static Serializer<Login> get serializer => _$loginSerializer;
String get username;
String get password;
factory Login([Function(LoginBuilder) updates]) = _$Login;
/// User status: online, away or offline, and a message.
/// Sent as a command, sets the current user status.
abstract class Status implements Built<Status, StatusBuilder>, Command {
static Serializer<Status> get serializer => _$statusSerializer;
String get message;
StatusType get type;
factory Status([Function(StatusBuilder) updates]) = _$Status;
/// User status: online, away or offline.
class StatusType extends EnumClass {
static Serializer<StatusType> get serializer => _$statusTypeSerializer;
static const StatusType online = _$online;
static const StatusType away = _$away;
static const StatusType offline = _$offline;
const StatusType._(String name) : super(name);
static BuiltSet<StatusType> get values => _$stValues;
static StatusType valueOf(String name) => _$stValueOf(name);
/// Lists users, filtered by status.
abstract class ListUsers
implements Built<ListUsers, ListUsersBuilder>, Command {
static Serializer<ListUsers> get serializer => _$listUsersSerializer;
/// Set of statuses to filter by.
BuiltSet<StatusType> get statusTypes;
factory ListUsers([Function(ListUsersBuilder) updates]) = _$ListUsers;
/// Classes sent from server to client.
abstract class Response {
String render();
/// Response to a login attempt.
class LoginResponse extends EnumClass implements Response {
static Serializer<LoginResponse> get serializer => _$loginResponseSerializer;
static const LoginResponse success = _$success;
static const LoginResponse badPassword = _$badPassword;
static const LoginResponse reset = _$reset;
const LoginResponse._(String name) : super(name);
static BuiltSet<LoginResponse> get values => _$lrValues;
static LoginResponse valueOf(String name) => _$lrValueOf(name);
String render() {
switch (this) {
case success:
return 'You have logged in successfully.';
case badPassword:
return 'Incorrect password.';
case reset:
return 'You have been logged out.';
throw StateError(name);
/// Displays a chat message.
abstract class ShowChat implements Built<ShowChat, ShowChatBuilder>, Response {
static Serializer<ShowChat> get serializer => _$showChatSerializer;
/// Originator of the message.
String get username;
/// Whether the message is a /tell or a general message.
bool get private;
/// Message text.
String get text;
factory ShowChat([Function(ShowChatBuilder) updates]) = _$ShowChat;
String render() => '$username${private ? " (private)" : ""}: $text';
abstract class Welcome implements Built<Welcome, WelcomeBuilder>, Response {
static Serializer<Welcome> get serializer => _$welcomeSerializer;
BuiltList<Response> get log;
String get message;
factory Welcome([Function(WelcomeBuilder) updates]) = _$Welcome;
String render() => => response.render()).join('\n') + '\n' + message;
/// Displays a list of users and their status messages.
abstract class ListUsersResponse
implements Built<ListUsersResponse, ListUsersResponseBuilder>, Response {
static Serializer<ListUsersResponse> get serializer =>
/// Map from username to status.
BuiltMap<String, Status> get statuses;
factory ListUsersResponse([Function(ListUsersResponseBuilder) updates]) =
String render() {
final result = StringBuffer('The following users are online:\n\n');
for (final username in statuses.keys) {
final status = statuses[username];
status.message.isEmpty ? username : '$username ${status.message}');
return result.toString();