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Exporting cAdvisor Stats to InfluxDB

cAdvisor supports exporting stats to InfluxDB. To use InfluxDB, you need to pass some additional flags to cAdvisor telling it where the InfluxDB instance is located:

Set the storage driver as InfluxDB.


Specify what InfluxDB instance to push data to:

 # The *ip:port* of the database. Default is 'localhost:8086'
 # database name. Uses db 'cadvisor' by default
 # database username. Default is 'root'
 # database password. Default is 'root'
 # Use secure connection with database. False by default
 # retention policy. Default is '' which corresponds to the default retention policy of the influxdb database


Brian Christner wrote a detailed post on setting up Docker monitoring with cAdvisor and Influxdb. A docker compose configuration for setting up cadvisor-influxdb-grafana can be found here.