Micro-benchmarking library for Java
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Created by MOE: https://github.com/google/moe
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Caliper is a tool for measuring Java code performance, primarily focused on microbenchmarks.


To build the JVM version of Caliper (the only supported version at the moment), run:

mvn clean install -am -pl caliper


Caliper currently has a number of artifacts related to Android. These are in a transitional state and no easy way to run Caliper benchmarks on Android is currently available.

If you are interested in building the Android artifacts for any reason, you can run:

mvn clean install -am -pl caliper-android

Note that for these artifacts to build, you must have an ANDROID_HOME environment variable set to the location of an Android SDK containing the file platforms/android-25/android.jar. Alternatively, you can pass -Dandroid.home=<path> to your mvn command to set the Android SDK directory that way, and/or -Dandroid.sdk.version=<version> to specify a version other than 25 (but note that the build may not work with a version lower than 25).