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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""This utility fetches the proof for a single certificate by its hash."""
from __future__ import print_function
import struct
import sys
from absl import flags as gflags
from ct.client import log_client
from ct.crypto import cert
from ct.crypto import merkle
from ct.proto import client_pb2
from ct.serialization import tls_message
FLAGS = gflags.FLAGS
gflags.DEFINE_string("cert", None, "Certificate file (PEM format) to fetch a "
"proof for.")
gflags.DEFINE_string("sct", None,
"SCT file (ProtoBuf/binary) of said certificate.")
gflags.DEFINE_bool("binary_sct", False, "SCT is in binary format")
gflags.DEFINE_integer("timestamp", None,
"Timestamp from SCT of said certificate.")
gflags.DEFINE_string("log_url", "",
"URL of CT log.")
gflags.DEFINE_bool("verbose", False, "Verbose output or not.")
def create_leaf(timestamp, x509_cert_bytes):
"""Creates a MerkleTreeLeaf for the given X509 certificate."""
leaf = client_pb2.MerkleTreeLeaf()
leaf.version = client_pb2.V1
leaf.leaf_type = client_pb2.TIMESTAMPED_ENTRY
leaf.timestamped_entry.timestamp = timestamp
leaf.timestamped_entry.entry_type = client_pb2.X509_ENTRY
leaf.timestamped_entry.asn1_cert = x509_cert_bytes
return tls_message.encode(leaf)
def construct_leaf_from_file(cert_file, cert_sct_timestamp):
"""Creates a MerkleTreeLeaf from a given PEM certificate file."""
cert_to_lookup = cert.Certificate.from_pem_file(cert_file)
return create_leaf(cert_sct_timestamp, cert_to_lookup.to_der())
def read_sct_from_file(sct_file):
cert_sct = client_pb2.SignedCertificateTimestamp()
cert_sct.ParseFromString(open(sct_file, 'rb').read())
return cert_sct
def fetch_single_proof(leaf_hash, log_url):
"""Fetch the proof for the supplied certificate."""
client = log_client.LogClient(log_url)
sth = client.get_sth()
if FLAGS.verbose:
print("The log contains %d certificates." % (sth.tree_size))
print("Tree root hash: %s" % (sth.sha256_root_hash.encode("hex")))
proof_from_hash = client.get_proof_by_hash(
leaf_hash, sth.tree_size)
return sth, proof_from_hash
def run():
"""Fetch the proof for the supplied certificate."""
#TODO(eranm): Attempt fetching the SCT for this chain if none was given.
if FLAGS.sct:
cert_sct = client_pb2.SignedCertificateTimestamp()
sct_data = open(FLAGS.sct, 'rb').read()
if FLAGS.binary_sct:
tls_message.decode(sct_data, cert_sct)
sct_timestamp = cert_sct.timestamp
print('SCT for cert:', cert_sct)
sct_timestamp = FLAGS.timestamp
constructed_leaf = construct_leaf_from_file(FLAGS.cert, sct_timestamp)
leaf_hash = merkle.TreeHasher().hash_leaf(constructed_leaf)
if FLAGS.verbose:
print("Leaf hash: %s" % (leaf_hash.encode("hex")))
(sth, proof) = fetch_single_proof(leaf_hash, FLAGS.log_url);
if FLAGS.verbose:
print("Leaf index in tree is %d, proof has %d hashes" % (
proof.leaf_index, len(proof.audit_path)))
print("Audit path: %s" % ([t.encode('hex') for t in proof.audit_path]))
verifier = merkle.MerkleVerifier()
if verifier.verify_leaf_inclusion(constructed_leaf, proof.leaf_index,
proof.audit_path, sth):
print('Proof verifies OK.')
if __name__ == '__main__':
sys.argv = FLAGS(sys.argv)
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