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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Submits a chain to a list of logs."""
import base64
import hashlib
import sys
import json
import logging
from absl import flags as gflags
from ct.client import log_client
from ct.crypto import cert
from ct.crypto import error
from ct.crypto import pem
from ct.crypto import verify
from ct.proto import client_pb2
from ct.serialization import tls_message
FLAGS = gflags.FLAGS
gflags.DEFINE_string("log_list", None, "File containing the list of logs "
"to submit to (see"
" for the format description).")
gflags.DEFINE_string("chain", None, "Certificate chain to submit (PEM).")
gflags.DEFINE_string("log_scheme", "http", "Log scheme (http/https)")
gflags.DEFINE_string("output", None, "output file for sct_list")
def _read_ct_log_list(log_list_file):
"""Parses the log list JSON, returns a log url to key map."""
log_list_json = json.loads(log_list_file)
log_url_to_key = {}
for log_info in log_list_json['logs']:
log_url_to_key[FLAGS.log_scheme + '://' + log_info['url']] = (
return log_url_to_key
except (OSError, IOError) as io_exception:
raise Exception('Could not read log list file %s: %s' %
(log_list_file, io_exception))
def _submit_to_single_log(log_url, full_chain):
"""Submits the chain to a single log specified by log_url."""
ct_client = log_client.LogClient(log_url, connection_timeout=10)
res = None
res = ct_client.add_chain(full_chain)
except log_client.HTTPError as err:'Skipping log %s because of error: %s\n', log_url, err)
return res
def _map_log_id_to_verifier(log_list):
"""Returns a map from log id to verifier object from the log_list."""
log_id_to_verifier = {}
for log_key in log_list.values():
key_info = verify.create_key_info_from_raw_key(log_key)
key_id = hashlib.sha256(log_key).digest()
log_id_to_verifier[key_id] = verify.LogVerifier(key_info)
return log_id_to_verifier
def _submit_to_all_logs(log_list, certs_chain):
"""Submits the chain to all logs in log_list and validates SCTs."""
log_id_to_verifier = _map_log_id_to_verifier(log_list)
chain_der = [c.to_der() for c in certs_chain]
raw_scts_for_cert = []
for log_url in log_list.keys():
res = _submit_to_single_log(log_url, chain_der)
if res:
else:"No SCT from log %s", log_url)
validated_scts = []
for raw_sct in raw_scts_for_cert:
key_id =
log_id_to_verifier[key_id].verify_sct(raw_sct, certs_chain)
except error.SignatureError as err:
'Discarding SCT from log_id %s which does not validate: %s',
key_id.encode('hex'), err)
except KeyError as err:
logging.warning('Could not find CT log validator for log_id %s. '
'The log key for this log is probably misconfigured.',
scts_for_cert = [tls_message.encode(proto_sct)
for proto_sct in validated_scts
if proto_sct]
sct_list = client_pb2.SignedCertificateTimestampList()
return tls_message.encode(sct_list)
def run():
"""Submits the chain specified in the flags to all logs."""
logging.getLogger().setLevel(logging.INFO)"Starting up.")
with open(FLAGS.log_list) as log_list_file:
log_url_to_key = _read_ct_log_list(
certs_chain = [c for c in cert.certs_from_pem_file(FLAGS.chain)]"Chain is of length %d", len(certs_chain))
sct_list = _submit_to_all_logs(log_url_to_key, certs_chain)
with open(FLAGS.output, 'wb') as sct_list_file:
if __name__ == "__main__":
sys.argv = FLAGS(sys.argv)