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RJPercival Use absl.app in print_log_list.py and improve flag checks (#1453)
Using absl.app causes flags to be handled automatically and gives us
nice things like app.UsageError. I've added extra checks for unspecified
flags, since otherwise the error messages caused by these flags being
unset were quite obtuse.

I've removed the default value for --log_list_schema since there is no
schema file found at "data/log_list_schema.json".
Latest commit 1e90c61 Sep 10, 2018


To run the python scripts

1. Install the following additional packages
gviz-api-py (easy_install 'https://google-visualization-python.googlecode.com/files/gviz_api_py-1.8.2.tar.gz')
requests (at least version 1.0)
twisted (at least 12.1; tested with 13.2)
ecdsa (needed for deterministic ECDSA signatures in ct/crypto/signing)

If you use pip, simply run `pip install -r requirements.txt`

2. Install the protoc compiler from https://github.com/google/protobuf/

3. Run 'make' in the parent python/ directory to
generate the Python versions of CT protocol buffers.

4. Make sure the python/ directory is on your Python path

5. Run 'make test' in the parent python/ directory to run unit tests.

6. Try out the client tools:

 a. Choose a location for your SQLite database. The default location is
    "/tmp/ct". If you prefer another location then you have to modify
    command line flags accordingly when launching the scripts.

 b. Launch ct/dashboard/dashboard.py
    This launches a simple web server for displaying log data, and a
    background process for probing the log(s) periodically. The default
    output is at and the default configuration
    file for logs to probe is at config/logs.config