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// This package defines protocol for use with cloudprober's external
// probe (in server mode).
syntax = "proto2";
package cloudprober;
option go_package = "";
// ProbeRequest is the message that cloudprober sends to the external probe
// server.
message ProbeRequest {
// The unique identifier for this request. This is unique across
// an execution of the probe server. It starts at 1.
required int32 request_id = 1;
// How long to allow for the execution of this request, in
// milliseconds. If the time limit is exceeded, the server
// should abort the request, but *not* send back a reply. The
// client will have to do timeouts anyway.
required int32 time_limit = 2;
message Option {
required string name = 1;
required string value = 2;
repeated Option options = 3;
// ProbeReply is the message that external probe server sends back to the
// cloudprober.
message ProbeReply {
// The sequence number for this request.
required int32 request_id = 1;
// For a normal result, this is not present.
// If it is present, it indicates that the probe failed.
optional string error_message = 2;
// The result of the probe. Cloudprober parses the payload to retrieve
// variables from it. It expects variables in the following format:
// var1 value1 (for example: total_errors 589)
// TODO(manugarg): Add an option to export mapped variables, for example:
// client-errors map:lang java:200 python:20 golang:3
optional string payload = 3;