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syntax = "proto2";
package cloudprober.probes.udp;
message ProbeConf {
// Port to send UDP Ping to (UDP Echo). If running with the UDP server that
// comes with cloudprober, it should be same as
// ProberConfig.udp_echo_server_port.
optional int32 port = 3 [default = 31122];
// Number of sending side ports to use.
optional int32 num_tx_ports = 4 [default = 16];
// message max to account for MTU.
optional int32 max_length = 5 [default = 1300];
// Changes the exported monitoring streams to be per port:
// 1. Changes the streams names to total-per-port, success-per-port etc.
// 2. Adds src_port and dst_port as stream labels.
// Note that the field name is experimental and may change in the future.
optional bool export_metrics_by_port = 7 [default = false];
// Whether to use all transmit ports per probe, per target.
// Default is to probe each target once per probe and round-robin through the
// source ports.
// Setting this field to true changes the behavior to send traffic from all
// ports to all targets in each probe.
// For example, if num_tx_ports is set to 16, in every probe cycle, we'll send
// 16 packets to every target (1 per tx port).
// Note that setting this field to true will increase the probe traffic.
optional bool use_all_tx_ports_per_probe = 8 [default = false];
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