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Fast, indexed regexp search over large file trees
Go Shell
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rsc regexp: don't loop forever on >1MB lines
This can happen especially with cgrep, which isn't filtering
for likely-text inputs.

Matches will be chopped into 1MB chunks but oh well.

While we're here, make sure we print \n even for matches
at the end of a file without a trailing newline.

Fixes #49.
Latest commit 4fe90b5 Dec 20, 2018


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cmd codesearch: excise Jun 17, 2015
index index: fix bug in siftUp (#47) Dec 20, 2018
lib codesearch: excise Jun 17, 2015
regexp regexp: don't loop forever on >1MB lines Dec 20, 2018
sparse initial code Dec 23, 2011
AUTHORS legal Dec 23, 2011
CONTRIBUTORS legal Dec 23, 2011
LICENSE legal Dec 23, 2011
README README: no more binary downloads Dec 20, 2018


Code Search is a tool for indexing and then performing
regular expression searches over large bodies of source code.
It is a set of command-line programs written in Go.

For background and an overview of the commands,

To install:

	go get

Use "go get -u" to update an existing installation.

Russ Cox
June 2015
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