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Coding with Chrome Suite

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NOTE: This repository is used for the the upcoming Coding with Chrome Suite version.

If you are looking for the Chrome App version, please go to the chrome-app-v6.x repository instead.

Coding with Chrome Suite is an Educational Coding Development Environment built around two core philosophies:

  1. Offer a stand-alone, offline app experience which allows people anywhere to learn how to build useful computer programs:
    • A basic OS allow the access to different external devices like robots
    • A basic IDE able to support real programming work
    • A tutorial system that poses a challenge, checks the solution and provides feedback.
  2. Allow educators to put together a custom curriculum made up of various components like:
    • Input languages (blockly, javascript, coffeescript)
    • Output modules (turtle graphics, javascript output, connected robots)
    • Flexible UI where elements can be easily added, modified or removed
    • Tutorial engine for self-learning


Apache License, Version 2.0 see


Coding with Chrome is made possible by other open source software.

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