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Dart bindings to GLFW 3.2.1.

Supports Linux and Windows. OSX is not supported due to inherent incompatibilites in the OSX UI threading model, as well as Apple announcing the discontinuing of support of OpenGL on OSX (

Steps to generate the bindings

mkdir -p lib/src/generated/
pub run tools/glfw_generator.dart --glfw3_path=<path to glfw3.h>
clang-format -i --style=Google generated/*.{cc,h}
dartfmt -w generated/*.dart
mv generated/* lib/src/generated

Steps to compile the bindings

The previous method for compiling the bindings is no longer available. We are working on a new solution for both Linux and Windows.

In the meantime, the Makefile in the lib/ directory is a good starting point for compiling on Linux.

Notes about the auto-generated bindings

  • glfwWindowShouldClose returns an int, rather than a bool, but unlike in C, the expression !(1) returns true so you must explicitly test glfwWindowShouldClose(window) != 1
    • There is also a convenience function
      bool glfwWindowShouldCloseAsBool(GLFWwindow window)

The following functions have changed from the C GLFW API

These changes are due to the C library's use of pointer arguments to return values. See also lib/src/manual_bindings.dart.

  • glfwGetVersion
    • Returns a GLFWVersion instance which has major, minor, rev fields.
  • glfwGetMonitors
    • Returns a List<GLFWmonitor> instance.
  • glfwGetMonitorPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetMonitorPhysicalSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetVideoModes
    • Returns a List<GLFWvidmode> instance.
  • glfwGetWindowPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetWindowSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetFramebufferSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetWindowFrameSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance.
  • glfwSetWindowUserPointer
    • pointer parameter is a Dart Object.
  • glfwGetWindowUserPointer
    • Returns an Object instance.
  • glfwGetCursorPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetJoystickAxes
    • Returns a List<double> instance.
  • glfwGetJoystickButtons
    • Returns a List<int> instance.

The following functions are additions to the C GLFW API

  • glfwSwapBuffersAsync
    • An async version of glfwSwapBuffers that can be await-ed. This avoids blocking the current isolate while the glfwSwapBuffers call is waiting to finish.


Dart bindings for GLFW, a multiplatform library for creating windows with OpenGL contexts.



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