Dart bindings for GLFW, a multiplatform library for creating windows with OpenGL contexts.
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Fixed glfwGetCurrentContext() to return null when there is no context.


Dart bindings to GLFW 3.1.1.

It is unlikely that programs written with these bindings will work on OSX due to requirements that the main thread be the one handling events.

Steps to generate the bindings

mkdir lib/src/generated/
cd tools
cp generated/* ../lib/src/generated/

Steps to compile the bindings

Set environment variables DART_SDK, GLFW_INCLUDE, and GLFW_LIB.

cd lib/
dart ../tools/glfw_compile.dart

Note that if you set the GLFW_LIB variable when compiling, you must also set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the same directory when running your program or the Dart VM will not be able to find libglfw.so.

TODO(hstern): It is convenient for development to use the .so file, but for distribution purposes it is less useful. It would be nice to have an option to use the .a library as well.

Notes about the auto-generated bindings

  • glfwWindowShouldClose returns an int, rather than a bool, but unlike in C, the expression !(1) returns true so you must explicitly test glfwWindowShouldClose(window) != 1
    • There is also a convenience function\ bool glfwWindowShouldCloseAsBool(GLFWwindow window)

The following functions have changed from the C GLFW API

These changes are due to the C library's use of pointer arguments to return values. See also lib/src/manual_bindings.dart.

  • glfwGetVersion
    • Returns a GLFWVersion instance which has major, minor, rev fields.
  • glfwGetMonitors
    • Returns a List<GLFWmonitor> instance.
  • glfwGetMonitorPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetMonitorPhysicalSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetVideoModes
    • Returns a List<GLFWvidmode> instance.
  • glfwGetWindowPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetWindowSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetFramebufferSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance with xpos and ypos set to 0.
  • glfwGetWindowFrameSize
    • Returns a Rectangle instance.
  • glfwSetWindowUserPointer
    • pointer parameter is a Dart Object.
  • glfwGetWindowUserPointer
    • Returns an Object instance.
  • glfwGetCursorPos
    • Returns a Point instance.
  • glfwGetJoystickAxes
    • Returns a List<double> instance.
  • glfwGetJoystickButtons
    • Returns a List<int> instance.