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This folder contains the extension implementation for the Mastodon API.

Data Supported

  • Social Activity streams (notes < 500 chars only)

Current State

  • Proof of concept

Currently the importer and exporter work, and can be exercised via the file. Just enter your access token from your Mastodon instance UI.

TODO: implement the auth flow for Mastodon, allowing a user to select an instance and then automatically registering an app and going through the OAuth flow.

Known Issues:

  • For data import/export right now this only handles the raw text and not images
  • Imported data is marked as private, ideally a user could mark things as public latter but that doesn't appear to be supported buy the Mastodon UI

Keys & Auth

See above.

Maintained By

The Google extension was created and maintained by the DTP maintainers (this includes developers from Google).