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Added iOS Framework target. Fixed few warnings regarding the comments

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krzysiek84 authored and NeilFraser committed Aug 20, 2018
1 parent 4fdce26 commit fd063286b12b14af1ea4af8bf3be26aa98d7d6c5
@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ @implementation Diff

* Constructor. Initializes the diff with the provided values.
* @param operation One of DIFF_INSERT, DIFF_DELETE or DIFF_EQUAL.
* @param text The text being applied.
* @param anOperation One of DIFF_INSERT, DIFF_DELETE or DIFF_EQUAL.
* @param aText The text being applied.
+ (id)diffWithOperation:(Operation)anOperation
andText:(NSString *)aText;
@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ - (NSArray *)diff_halfMatchOfFirstString:(NSString *)text1
* substring is at least half the length of longtext?
* @param longtext Longer NSString.
* @param shorttext Shorter NSString.
* @param i Start index of quarter length substring within longtext.
* @param index Start index of quarter length substring within longtext.
* @return Five element NSArray, containing the prefix of longtext, the
* suffix of longtext, the prefix of shorttext, the suffix of shorttext
* and the common middle. Or nil if there was no match.
@@ -627,8 +627,8 @@ - (NSMutableArray *)diff_lineModeFromOldString:(NSString *)text1
* Find the 'middle snake' of a diff, split the problem in two
* and return the recursively constructed diff.
* See Myers 1986 paper: An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations.
* @param text1 Old string to be diffed.
* @param text2 New string to be diffed.
* @param _text1 Old string to be diffed.
* @param _text2 New string to be diffed.
* @param deadline Time at which to bail if not yet complete.
* @return NSMutableArray of Diff objects.
@@ -863,8 +863,8 @@ - (NSArray *)diff_linesToCharsForFirstString:(NSString *)text1
* Rehydrate the text in a diff from an NSString of line hashes to real lines
* of text.
* @param NSArray of Diff objects.
* @param NSMutableArray of unique strings.
* @param diffs NSArray of Diff objects.
* @param lineArray NSMutableArray of unique strings.
- (void)diff_chars:(NSArray *)diffs toLines:(NSMutableArray *)lineArray;
@@ -1976,7 +1976,7 @@ - (NSMutableArray *)patch_makeFromDiffs:(NSMutableArray *)diffs;
- (NSMutableArray *)patch_makeFromOldString:(NSString *)text1
newString:(NSString *)text2
diffs:(NSMutableArray *)diffs;
diffs:(NSMutableArray *)diffs __deprecated;
// Check for null inputs.
if (text1 == nil || text2 == nil) {
@@ -2094,7 +2094,7 @@ - (NSMutableArray *)patch_deepCopy:(NSArray *)patches;
* Merge a set of patches onto the text. Return a patched text, as well
* as an array of YES/NO values indicating which patches were applied.
* @param patches NSMutableArray of Patch objects
* @param sourcePatches NSMutableArray of Patch objects
* @param text Old text.
* @return Two element NSArray, containing the new text and an array of
* BOOL values.
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