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Docsy is a Hugo theme for technical documentation sites, providing easy site navigation, structure, and more. This Docsy Example Project uses the Docsy theme, as well as providing a skeleton documentation structure for you to use. You can either copy this project and edit it with your own content, or use the theme in your projects like any other Hugo theme.

This Docsy Example Project is hosted at

You can find detailed theme instructions in the example project under Documentation -> Getting Started.

This is not an officially supported Google product. This project is currently maintained.

Cloning the Docsy Example Project

The following will give you a project that is set up and ready to use (don't forget to use --recurse-submodules or you won't pull down some of the code you need to generate a working site). The hugo server command builds and serves the site. If you just want to build the site, run hugo instead.

git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1
cd docsy-example
hugo server

The theme is included as a Git submodule:

▶ git submodule
 a053131a4ebf6a59e4e8834a42368e248d98c01d themes/docsy (heads/master)

If you want to do SCSS edits and want to publish these, you need to install PostCSS (not needed for hugo server):

npm install

Running the website locally

Once you've cloned the site repo, from the repo root folder, run:

hugo server

Navigate to http://localhost:1313/td/docs/getting-started/ to read the theme documentation.

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