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Entry Point Regulation Prototype Chrome Extension

This prototype Chrome extension allows for the implementation of Entry Point Regulation (EPR) on a given web site. Sites with regulated entry points limit their exposure to reflected cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and cross-site request forgery.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product.

EPR Implementation for Web Sites

To EPR-enable a site, three steps are required:

  1. List out valid site entry points in a manifest file (/epr-manifest.json). Once installed in Chrome at the client, the EPR Chrome extension is responsible for enforcing the rules specified in a site's EPR manifest. Currently EPR manifests are specified for a given fully qualified domain name. (In the future, this may be extended to allow different paths on a domain to have individually maintained manifests.)

  2. Serve the following HTTP response header from the domain:

X-EPR: 1

This header lets the EPR Chrome extension know to download and store the EPR manifest file. It's best if the X-EPR header is served via web server configuration rather than app-specific configuration, so that it will be served on all HTTP responses.

  1. Install the EPR prototype Chrome extension on client browsers.

Example EPR Manifest

The background.js file contains a hardcoded example manifest, complete with comments. (See eprDataStatic.) The epr-manifest.json file contains the same manifest, just without comments. Edit epr-manifest.json as you'd like and host it at the root.

Eg: [https://www.[Your EPR-enabled website].com/epr-manifest.json](https://www.[Your EPR-enabled website].com/epr-manifest.json)

More Information

EPR blog post:

EPR Google Group:!forum/epr-list

See background.js for a list of TODOs for future improvements to the EPR Chrome extension.

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