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jamesderlin Improve Travis checks
* If `dartfmt` encounters syntax errors, it prints an error message
  to stderr and nothing to stdout.  We previously treated this as
  passing `dartfmt`.  Use `set -e` at the beginning of the script to
  treat it as a failure.

* `dartanalyzer` checks were broken:

  * We pointed it to a non-existent `.analysis_options` file instead
    of to `analysis_options.yaml`.

  * For proper analysis, `dartanalyzer` requires a `pubspec.yaml`
    file in the current directory or in the chain of parent
    directories.  However, when we restructured the flutter.widgets
    repository to store multiple packages, there is no longer a
    single root `pubspec.yaml` file.  This breakage was undetected

  * We identified analysis failure by checking for a specific error
    string ("[error]"), but that does not match actual output from
    recent versions of `dartanalyzer`.

  Fix this by separately analyzing each package.  We also might as
  well use `flutter analyze`.

* We ran tests against `PACKAGE/test/` but neglected to run tests
  against `PACKAGE/example/test/`.  Run tests against all
  subdirectories named `test`.

`` also now passes ShellCheck.
Latest commit 55cdc9a Mar 24, 2020


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.github Copybara sync for 0.1.8 (#45) Dec 30, 2019
packages VisibilityDetector: Move demo app to an `example/` directory Mar 26, 2020
tool Improve Travis checks Mar 26, 2020
.gitattributes Initial project setup Sep 20, 2017
.gitignore The giant refactor of package flutter_widgets Mar 13, 2020
.travis.yml Make flutter_widgets's Travis configuration clone the Flutter SDK wit… Sep 7, 2019
AUTHORS Removes redundant "new" while calling constructors. Jun 5, 2019 Fix the contributing doc to be more direct about how contributions ar… Sep 11, 2019
LICENSE Project import generated by Copybara. (#2) Sep 21, 2018 Remove Gallery references from the Nov 12, 2019
analysis_options.yaml Adjust lints Nov 11, 2019
appveyor.yml Initial project setup Sep 20, 2017

Flutter widgets

Build Status

This repository contains the source code for various Flutter widgets that are developed by Google but not by the core Flutter team.


Please file any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the this repo.


If you wish to contribute a change to any of the existing widgets in this repo, please review our contribution guide, and send a pull request.

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