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This is a port of to the Go programming language.

There are two implementations, using fixed and floating point math. The fixed point implementation benchmarks 1.3 to 1.4 times faster on GOARCH=amd64, but may have rendering artifacts above 1024 ppem. It uses mostly int32 math, although some int64 and float32 math is used for numerical accuracy.

You can visually inspect rasterization by running:

cd floating
go build && ./floating

and viewing the resultant out.png file.

To run the benchmarks with and without SIMD assembler:

go test -test.bench=.
go test -test.bench=. -tags=noasm


The main author is Nigel Tao.


We gladly accept contributions via GitHub pull requests, as long as the author has signed the Google Contributor License. Please see for more details.


This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google.