m4rc1e and davelab6 oswald: v4.100 added. (#1289)
Taken from the upstream repo, https://github.com/googlefonts/OswaldFont

The following characters have been added: uni2010, longs, uni01B7, uni01CD, uni01CE, uni01D3, uni01D4, uni01E4, uni01E5, uni01E8, uni01E9, uni2052, uni01EE, uni01EF, uni021E, uni021F, minute, uni0292, uni0462, uni0463, uni046A, uni046B, uni0492, uni0493, uni0496, uni0497, uni049A, uni049B, uni04A2, uni04A3, uni04BA, uni04BB, uni04C9, uni04CA, uni04D8, uni04D9, uni212A, second, uni212B, uni27E8, uni27E9
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