@shinh shinh released this May 10, 2017 · 127 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • CHECK_NOTNULL works with smart pointers when compiled in C++11
  • Add __declspec(noreturn) on Win
  • DCHECK_ALWAYS_ON to make D* enabled under NDEBUG
  • MinGW: avoid the error "conflicting declaration 'typedef DWORD pthread_t'" etc.
  • NULL sinks_ after deletion to prevent dangling pointer
  • Symbolize: Calculate a module's zero VA using program headers
  • Allow permission line in /proc/self/map to be "rwx"
  • Add support for PowerPC
  • Use namespace GFLAGS_NAMESPACE instead namespace gflags. #62
  • Win: use _fdopen instead of fdopen. Fix #73
  • Win: FAILED macro can't be used with HANDLE. Fix #79
  • Avoid calling new/malloc in signalhandler to fix #78
  • Reset SIGABRT action only if FailureSignalHandler is installed
  • Fix missing public include directory
  • Fix double-free in unit test on Windows
  • Add logfile_mode to control logfile permissions to fix #23
  • Fix mocklog unused arguments
  • Fix redefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE
  • Don't call RAW_VLOG with locking vmodule_lock to fix #29
  • Add CMake support. closes #4
  • Fix #8 AddLogSink memory leak
  • Add #ifndefs to avoid collision with other google opensource projects
  • LOG_STRING: use std::vector and std::string
  • Adds color output support for tmux terminals
  • Fix x64/Debug build on MSVS

@ukai ukai released this Mar 11, 2015

Assets 2

google-glog 0.3.4

  • repository moved from code.google.com/p/google-glog to github.com/google/glog
  • fixes for latest MSVS
  • add libc++ support
  • fix build issue in demangle.cc
  • add callback for OpenObjectFileContainingPcAndGetStartAddress
  • add StrError and replace posix_strerror_r call
  • fix VC build by adding GOOGLE_GLOG_DLL_DECL
  • style fix for C++11
  • reduce dynamic allocation from 3 to 1 per log message
  • attempt to improve mingw-w64 support
  • support unordered_(map|set) by stl_logging