Generated code for Google Cloud client libraries.
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jadekler internal: check deps as part of (#130)
While we're in the $GOPATH transitionary period, a dependency could
accidentally find its way into our require statements without being codified in
go.mod/go.sum. This CL makes our CI check for such a case, and exit 1 if it
detects it.
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Go generated proto packages


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IMPORTANT This repository is currently experimental. The structure of the contained packages is subject to change. Please see the original source repositories (listed below) to find out the status of the each protocol buffer's associated service.

This repository contains the generated Go packages for common protocol buffer types, and the generated gRPC code necessary for interacting with Google's gRPC APIs.

There are two sources for the proto files used in this repository:

  1. google/protobuf: the code in the protobuf and ptypes subdirectories is derived from this repo. The messages in protobuf are used to describe protocol buffer messages themselves. The messages under ptypes define the common well-known types.
  2. googleapis/googleapis: the code in the googleapis is derived from this repo. The packages here contain types specifically for interacting with Google APIs.