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Go-TPM is a Go library that communicates directly with a TPM device on Linux or Windows machines.

The libraries don't implement the entire spec for neither 1.2 nor 2.0. If you need a command that's missing, contributions are welcome!

Please note that this is not an official Google product.


The tpm directory contains TPM 1.2 client library. This library is in "maintenance mode".

The tpm2 directory contains TPM 2.0 client library.

The examples directory contains some simple examples for both versions of the spec.

TPM 1.2

TPM 1.2 support currently has no maintainer. None of the TPM 2.0 maintainers have expertise on 1.2 either.

As such, TPM 1.2 library is in "maintenance" mode - all PRs with new functionality or non-critical fixes will be rejected.

If you'd like to volunteer to maintain the TPM 1.2 library, you can do so via an issue. You don't have to be a Googler to volunteer.