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folbricht and awly Implement RSAEncrypt() and RSADecrypt() (#78)
* Implement RSAEncrypt() and RSADecrypt()
* Append a null to the label string if a label was provided
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examples Make flags consistent (#69) Jan 30, 2019
tpm Run gofmt (1.11.4) (#68) Jan 25, 2019
tpm2 Implement RSAEncrypt() and RSADecrypt() (#78) Mar 6, 2019
tpmutil Support building on darwin and other OS (#76) Feb 27, 2019
LICENSE Update the README with clarifications Aug 9, 2017


Go-TPM is a Go library that communicates directly with a TPM on Linux. It marshals and unmarshals buffers directly into and from formats specified in the TPM spec. The current version supports Seal/Unseal, Quote, creating attestation identity keys, and taking ownership of the TPM.

The examples directory contains some simple examples: creating an AIK, clearing the TPM (using owner auth), and taking ownership of the TPM.

Please note that this is not an official Google product.

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