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"name": "Google APIs JavaScript Client",
"tagline": "Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript",
"body": "Written by Google, this compact and efficient client library provides access to Google REST APIs. See below for a list of supported APIs.\r\n\r\n### Beta\r\nThis library is in Beta. We're comfortable enough with the stability and features of the library that we want you to build real production applications on it. We will make an effort to support the public and protected surface of the library and maintain backwards compatibility in the future. While we are still in Beta, we reserve the right to make incompatible changes. If we do remove some functionality (typically because better functionality exists or if the feature proved infeasible), our intention is to deprecate and provide ample time for developers to update their code.\r\n\r\n### Features\r\nThe JavaScript client library supports [these Google APIs](\r\n\r\nThe library supports [OAuth 2 authentication](\r\n\r\n### Documentation\r\n- [Getting Started](\r\n- [Reference Docs](\r\n- [Samples](\r\n- [Support](\r\n",
"note": "Don't delete this file! It's used internally to help with page regeneration."
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