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Updated readme with information about approval_prompt #14

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So, I'm a little confused about the approval_prompt parameter for oauth. I thought I'd receive a refresh token regardless of this parameter, however, when testing and authenticating my user account, it seems that I only receive the refresh_token when I include approval_prompt: 'force'. Anyways, I figured I'd document it.


This is an OAuth2 specific detail which is already documented in the OAuth2 docs. Since the README already links to the docs, I don't think you need to mention this here. It may be better to start an auth or client best-practices guide in the wiki and put this type of information there.

Also note that the approval_prompt parameter should only dictate whether the user should be re-prompted for consent. This may be an unwanted side effect.


Yeah, on second thought I definitely agree that this is an OAuth2 concern and not the node client's.

Yeah that's why I'm so confused about the approval_prompt param because it says it's for re-prompting the user every time. However, it provides a refresh_token which I need in order to get new access_tokens after they expire. From the docs:

For example, a server-side web application would exchange the returned token for an access token and a refresh token. The access token would let the application authenticate requests on the user's behalf, and the refresh token would let the application retrieve a new access token when the original access token expires.

The example above is basically my situation since I am using a single youtube account to post videos on behalf of my application, so theoretically I'll only have to authenticate myself one time.

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scope: ''
+In order to get a refresh token for offline use, supply `approval_prompt: 'force'` to `generateAuthUrl`.
#### Retrieving Tokens
Once user has given permissions on the consent page, Google will redirect
the page to the redirect url you have provided with a code query parameter.
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