Google Sample Apps

The apps in this folder are designed to provide examples of the basic workings of the Google Client Library. They should not be used in production. Eg you should not ask for a Client key as it should be embedded within the codebase of your app.

Installation instructons

In order to use the example projects in this folder, you will need to ensure that you have downloaded the below two Git Submodules:

  • gtm-session-fetcher
  • AppAuth
  • GTMAppAuth

How to download Git Submodules

You can download Git Submodules using the following command: Credit: Stackoverflow Question

git clone git://url
cd repo
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then, add another step after the git pull.

git pull ...
git submodule update --recursive

Requirements to use

These example apps need an oAuth2 Client key, which you can obtain from the Google Developer Console.

To obtain an oAuth2 client Key:

  1. Visit the Google Developer Console
  2. Click Credentials on the left hand navigation pane
  3. Click the Create Credentials Button and select oAuth Client id from the resulting dropdown menu.
  4. Select the IOS radio button
  5. Enter a memorable name for this key to help you identify it easily in the future.
  6. Copy the Bundle Identifier from your IOS App. This is found in your main project target under the General tab
  7. Click the Create Button and your are complete.


These sample apps should automatically build and copy over the GTLR.framework as part of the build-and-run process.