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Resumable upload for big files with 2 Legged oauth. 401 error #28

unlimit opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I faced with upload problem for big files and 2 legged oauth.
I using small chunks (10MB) for uploading.
After 10 minutes of successful uploading, google responds with 401 error.

For small files resumable upload works fine.


Check your access token and make sure it didn't expire mid upload?


@sporkmonger, I using 2 Legged Oauth.
From my logs I see that every API PUT request using right 'oauth_timestamp'.
It seems the problem comes from google backend.

But in my case I get 401 error after 10 minutes.


Would help to know which API you're uploading to -- storage? Drive?

@sporkmonger -- It shouldn't be a token expiry problem since it (supposedly) is only checked on the initial request to start the upload session. That said, the comments from Joe on the other thread imply there might be something to it.

@unlimit -- Also worth noting that chunking is discouraged. The preferred approach is to upload in one continuous chunk and retry/resume if it fails. Of course there are cases where chunking is necessary, so you still can. But try to do a continuous upload if possible.


@sqrrrl, I using drive API, google-api-ruby-client version: 0.6.2

I tested upload in one continuous chunk, got the same 401 error.

I using chunk uploads in order to prevent RAM memory issues when uploading Big files.
What is the best way for uploading 10Gb file? In case of one continuous chunk, will it be loaded completely in memory before uploading?


It doesn't need to read the entire file into memory. I haven't tested files that big, but a while back I tried ~ 1gb file uploaded to Drive and the process didn't grow past a few mb.

BTW, what API are you uploading to?


:api_method => service.files.insert,
:body_object => file,
:media => media,
:parameters => {'uploadType' => 'resumable', 'alt' => 'json'})

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