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// Copyright 2012 Google, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
// that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
// tree.
package layers
import (
// EthernetCTPFunction is the function code used by the EthernetCTP protocol to identify each
// EthernetCTP layer.
type EthernetCTPFunction uint16
// EthernetCTPFunction values.
const (
EthernetCTPFunctionReply EthernetCTPFunction = 1
EthernetCTPFunctionForwardData EthernetCTPFunction = 2
// EthernetCTP implements the EthernetCTP protocol, see
// We split EthernetCTP up into the top-level EthernetCTP layer, followed by zero or more
// EthernetCTPForwardData layers, followed by a final EthernetCTPReply layer.
type EthernetCTP struct {
SkipCount uint16
// LayerType returns gopacket.LayerTypeEthernetCTP.
func (c *EthernetCTP) LayerType() gopacket.LayerType {
return LayerTypeEthernetCTP
// EthernetCTPForwardData is the ForwardData layer inside EthernetCTP. See EthernetCTP's docs for more
// details.
type EthernetCTPForwardData struct {
Function EthernetCTPFunction
ForwardAddress []byte
// LayerType returns gopacket.LayerTypeEthernetCTPForwardData.
func (c *EthernetCTPForwardData) LayerType() gopacket.LayerType {
return LayerTypeEthernetCTPForwardData
// ForwardEndpoint returns the EthernetCTPForwardData ForwardAddress as an endpoint.
func (c *EthernetCTPForwardData) ForwardEndpoint() gopacket.Endpoint {
return gopacket.NewEndpoint(EndpointMAC, c.ForwardAddress)
// EthernetCTPReply is the Reply layer inside EthernetCTP. See EthernetCTP's docs for more details.
type EthernetCTPReply struct {
Function EthernetCTPFunction
ReceiptNumber uint16
Data []byte
// LayerType returns gopacket.LayerTypeEthernetCTPReply.
func (c *EthernetCTPReply) LayerType() gopacket.LayerType {
return LayerTypeEthernetCTPReply
// Payload returns the EthernetCTP reply's Data bytes.
func (c *EthernetCTPReply) Payload() []byte { return c.Data }
func decodeEthernetCTP(data []byte, p gopacket.PacketBuilder) error {
c := &EthernetCTP{
SkipCount: binary.LittleEndian.Uint16(data[:2]),
BaseLayer: BaseLayer{data[:2], data[2:]},
if c.SkipCount%2 != 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("EthernetCTP skip count is odd: %d", c.SkipCount)
return p.NextDecoder(gopacket.DecodeFunc(decodeEthernetCTPFromFunctionType))
// decodeEthernetCTPFromFunctionType reads in the first 2 bytes to determine the EthernetCTP
// layer type to decode next, then decodes based on that.
func decodeEthernetCTPFromFunctionType(data []byte, p gopacket.PacketBuilder) error {
function := EthernetCTPFunction(binary.LittleEndian.Uint16(data[:2]))
switch function {
case EthernetCTPFunctionReply:
reply := &EthernetCTPReply{
Function: function,
ReceiptNumber: binary.LittleEndian.Uint16(data[2:4]),
Data: data[4:],
BaseLayer: BaseLayer{data, nil},
return nil
case EthernetCTPFunctionForwardData:
forward := &EthernetCTPForwardData{
Function: function,
ForwardAddress: data[2:8],
BaseLayer: BaseLayer{data[:8], data[8:]},
return p.NextDecoder(gopacket.DecodeFunc(decodeEthernetCTPFromFunctionType))
return fmt.Errorf("Unknown EthernetCTP function type %v", function)