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The Metaweb graph repository server
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Build Status

Graphd, the Metaweb Graph Repository

For an introduction to graphd, see A Brief Introduction to Graphd

This is not an official Google product.


Build with bazel, like so:

(¬‿¬) bazel build graphd
INFO: Analysed target //graphd:graphd (16 packages loaded).
INFO: Found 1 target...
Target //graphd:graphd up-to-date:
  INFO: Elapsed time: 23.070s, Critical Path: 0.84s
  INFO: Build completed successfully, 377 total actions

Running graphd

To get started:

(¬‿¬) bazel-bin/graphd/graphd -y -d /tmp/db
graphd> write(name = "HAS_KEY")
ok (d119a8c04000dcb38000000000000000)
graphd> read()
ok ((d119a8c04000dcb38000000000000000 null "HAS_KEY" null null null true true 2018-09-07T19:41:57.0000Z))

For more details, see graphd.conf(5) and graphd(8)

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