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Tools for common Google Search Appliance (GSA) administrative tasks
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GSA Admin Toolkit

The GSA Admin Toolkit is a collection of standalone tools that handle some common tasks for Google Search Appliance (GSA) administrators.


The programs are mostly written in Java, Python, or Bash. Any required libraries that are non-standard will be documented within the source code file for the program.

Installation, setup and usage instructions

Instructions for compiling (if required) and running each program are given at the top of the source code file for each program.

This code is not supported by Google.


Ready-to-use downloads are available for the following utilities from Google Drive.

  • -- Google Analytics integration resources.
  • -- Self Help Tool for integrating GSA with Microsoft SharePoint, Fileshares and Kerberos
  • gsa_sign.exe -- .NET executable to re-sign exported configuration. Allows you to export config, edit, and re-import.


  1. -- Monitoring script that verifies serving on the GSA
  2. -- Runs load tests against the appliance
  3. -- Web server for testing the Authn SPI
  4. -- Web server for testing the Authz SPI
  5. -- Java class for testing the JDBC connection to the database
  6. -- Monitoring script that verifies crawling, indexing and serving are working on an appliance
  7. -- Web server for testing Cookie Sites. Can be configured to mimic Oblix.
  8. -- Search logfile analysis (error rates, queries per second, average response time)
  9. -- Script that mimics how the appliance crawls SMB. Useful for troubleshooting SMB crawl problems where the error message on the appliance is unhelpful.
  10. -- Reverse proxy that can be used to queue requests to the appliance in order to limit the number of concurrent connections. It was written as a proof-of-concept and has not been tested in a production environment.
  11. -- Python script for automating Admin Console tasks. Used in cases where the Admin Console GData API won't work (e.g. software version before 6.0, or feature missing in API)
  12. remove-or-recrawl-urls.html -- HTML+JavaScript helper page that builds feeds to remove or re-crawl URLs.
  13. -- Python script that generates reports about URLs in the GSA.
  14. -- Configurable python script that proxies SSO systems login rules to provide GSA with crawling/serving SSO cookies
  15. -- Java class to retrieve via the new Admin API (software version 6.0.0) the number of urls crawled since yesterday
  16. -- Simple connectormanager and example connectors with documentation on how to write a new connector
  17. Kerberos Validation Tool -- HTML Application to validate Kerberos/IWA setup (keytab/AD, etc)
  18. interactive-feed-client.html -- HTML/Javascript page that generates XML feeds from inputs such as the URL and hostname then submits to a GSA.
  19. search_report_xhtml.xsl -- XSLT stylesheet to transform exported search report XMLs into human-readable XHTML.
  20. -- Tool for analyzing search results and comparing results between two appliances.
  21. -- Tool for converting cached versions into content feeds for migration purposes.
  22. -- Fetch secure search results from GSA by following all Universal Login redirects.
  23. gsa_sign.cs -- Example in C# how to sign exported configuration
  24. -- Audit the exported URLs for common cause of high license usage, and provide resolution tips.
  25. -- Simple feed content generator. Useful for performance testing. Generates feed file with simple content and metadata.
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