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Typo in JavaDoc example

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hmble committed Oct 10, 2018
1 parent 3f4ac29 commit b046ea28eeb819ecc30c3a39cb6912dc84fae015
@@ -104,9 +104,9 @@
* registered. This protects your application from injection attacks. If you
* don't supply an explicit type label, the type's simple name will be used.
* <pre> {@code
* shapeAdapter.registerSubtype(Rectangle.class, "Rectangle");
* shapeAdapter.registerSubtype(Circle.class, "Circle");
* shapeAdapter.registerSubtype(Diamond.class, "Diamond");
* shapeAdapterFactory.registerSubtype(Rectangle.class, "Rectangle");
* shapeAdapterFactory.registerSubtype(Circle.class, "Circle");
* shapeAdapterFactory.registerSubtype(Diamond.class, "Diamond");
* }</pre>
* Finally, register the type adapter factory in your application's GSON builder:
* <pre> {@code

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commented on b046ea2 Feb 3, 2019

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