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Google Toolbox for Mac - OAuth Controllers


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This is a client library for OAuth 1.0. Google no longer supports OAuth 1.0. If you're looking for the modern Google OAuth 2.0 library for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, see GTMAppAuth.

GTM OAuth: Google Toolbox for Mac - OAuth 1.0 Controllers

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The Google Toolbox for Mac OAuth Controllers make it easy for Cocoa applications to sign in to services using OAuth 1.0 for authentication and authorization.

Features include:

  • Complete embedded user interface using WebKit
  • Works with Google APIs and with any standard OAuth 1.0 provider
  • Handles sign-in, keychain storage of authorization token, and signing of requests
  • Independent of other projects

To get started with GTM OAuth, read the wiki.

If you have a problem or want a new feature to be included in the library, please join the GTM-OAuth discussion group or submit an issue.

The library incorporates the GTM HTTP Fetcher project.

This project is for controllers for services using the OAuth 1.0 protocol. There is a separate project for OAuth 2.0 controllers.

Other useful classes for OS X and iOS developers are available in the Google Toolbox for Mac.


Google Toolbox for Mac - OAuth Controllers



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