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Fix a couple of issues with JDK7 javadoc style by using a slightly cu…

…stomized version of the default stylesheet in Guava. Specific issues this fixes:

- Huge text with a slightly misaligned first line in <pre>{@code} blocks in Guava javadoc (for example, see Both <pre> and <code> were increasing the font size. This changes the <code> block to inherit the font-size of the <pre> block.
- No blank line before <pre> blocks in class-level javadoc. A CSS class rule for a div surrounding the class level javadoc set <pre>'s margin-top to 0.
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cgdecker committed Jul 17, 2013
1 parent 952d4e8 commit 87c758892b137a647fdb975c79443519ff25828e
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