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Guava Release 18.0: Release Notes

  • 18.0 was released on August 25, 2014
  • 18.0-rc2 was released on August 18, 2014.
  • 18.0-rc1 was released on August 5, 2014.

(See ReleaseHistory.)

Full API Documentation

Using Guava in your project

Note: As of Guava 18, we will no longer be releasing JDK5 backports.

Guava Guava (GWT)
Maven Identifier
Jar guava-18.0.jar guava-gwt-18.0.jar
Javadoc guava-18.0-javadoc.jar guava-gwt-18.0-javadoc.jar
Sources guava-18.0-sources.jar guava-gwt-18.0-sources.jar

See UseGuavaInYourBuild for help integrating Guava into your build environment.

Issues resolved

21 issues are resolved in this release.

API Changes

Full JDiff Report of changes since release 17.0.

To build a combined report of the API changes between release 18.0 and any older release, check out our docs tree and run jdiff/ with the previous release number as argument (example: 5.0).

Significant API additions and changes


  • MoreObjects
    • Methods in Objects which do not have equivalents in java.util.Objects have been moved to MoreObjects to allow importing of both classes. Those methods have been deprecated in our Objects class. Methods which do have equivalents in java.util.Objects will remain (undeprecated) in our Objects class as long as Guava continues to support JDK 6.
  • Enums- removed deprecatedvalueOfFunction` method.


  • FluentIterable.of(E[])
  • FluentIterable.append(E...)
  • FluentIterable.append(Iterable<? extends E>)
  • FluentIterable.join(Joiner)


  • Hashing.crc32c()

BloomFilter no longer recognizes the system property (see Release 17 - A note on BloomFilter for more information).

Methods which took an InputSupplier or OutputSupplier parameter or which returned an InputSupplier or OutputSupplier (all of which were deprecated in Guava 15.0) have been removed. Additionally, ByteSource, ByteSink, CharSource and CharSink no longer implement InputSupplier or OutputSupplier.

The InputSupplier and OutputSupplier interfaces, which no longer have any usages in Guava, will be deleted in December 2015.

  • InetAddresses.decrement(InetAddress)


  • Parameter.getAnnotationsByType(Class<A>)
  • Parameter.getDeclaredAnnotation(Class<A>)
  • Parameter.getDeclaredAnnotationsByType(Class<A>)


  • MoreExecutors.directExecutor() - lightweight, simple Executor that runs tasks on the thread that invokes execute.
  • MoreExecutors.newDirectExecutorService() - heavier ListeningExecutorService implementation of the same thing; equivalent to sameThreadExecutor(), which has been deprecated.