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Guava Release 23.0: Release Notes

  • 23.0 was released on August 4, 2017.
  • 23.0-rc1 was released on July 25, 2017.

(See ReleaseHistory.)

API documentation

Java 8:

Android / Java 7:

Using Guava in your project

Guava Guava (Android) Guava (GWT)
Maven Identifier
Jar guava-23.0.jar guava-23.0-android.jar guava-gwt-23.0.jar
Javadoc guava-23.0-javadoc.jar guava-23.0-android-javadoc.jar guava-gwt-23.0-javadoc.jar
Sources guava-23.0-sources.jar guava-23.0-android-sources.jar guava-gwt-23.0-sources.jar

See UseGuavaInYourBuild for help integrating Guava into your build environment.

API Changes

Significant API additions and changes


  • ContiguousSet: new convenience methods for closed or closed-open sets of Integers or Longs
  • Set<Set<E>> Sets.combinations(Set<E> set, int size): returns all subsets of the given set that have the given size


  • New types: SuccessorsFunction/PredecessorsFunction
    • These interfaces are each supertypes of Graph/ValueGraph/Network. They have a few purposes:
      • scaffolding for migrating the capabilities of TreeTraverser into common.graph
      • facilitating users using their own graph data structures (when they don’t need the full common.graph API)
  • New methods on Network for the case when there is known to be at most one edge connecting two nodes
    • java.util.Optional<E> edgeConnecting(N nodeU, N nodeV): Java 8 version only
    • E edgeConnectingOrNull(N nodeU, N nodeV): all versions
  • New method for Graph/ValueGraph/Network
    • boolean hasEdgeConnecting(N nodeU, N nodeV): this is the preferred mechanism for determining whether there is an edge that connects two nodes
  • Changes to methods for accessing edge values in ValueGraph
    • old method: V edgeValue(N nodeU, N nodeV), throws IllegalArgumentException if no such edge exists
    • new method (Java 8 only): java.util.Optional<V> edgeValue(N nodeU, N nodeV), returns Optional.empty() if no such edge exists
    • (no change to @Nullable V edgeValueOrDefault(N nodeU, N nodeV, @Nullable V defaultValue)) (Java 7 & 8)


  • BloomFilter
    • is now thread-safe
    • added Collectors for creating a BloomFilter from the contents of a Stream
  • PrimitiveSink, Hasher and HashFunction: methods added to all for putting/hashing ByteBuffers


  • New type: FluentFuture
    • A ListenableFuture that supports fluent chains of operations
  • AbstractFuture has been retrofitted to extend the new FluentFuture type. If you subclass AbstractFuture to add fluent methods like transform(), this may break you. If so, please report the problem.
  • Futures: new methods scheduleAsync(AsyncCallable, long, TimeUnit, ScheduledExecutorService) and submitAsync(AsyncCallable, Executor)