Relational programming library for Java.
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Relational programming library for Java.

Gulava allows you to write relational predicates in Java. You can write Prolog-style predicates and use them from normal Java code, seamlessly integrated with the magic of annotation processors.

See the GitHub wiki for some how-tos and to get started writing your own predicates and logic value types.

This repository requires Bazel to build, test, and run. After you have set up Bazel, you can run the demo:

bazel run //java/gulava:Demo

Note that Gulava is not an official Google product.


Gulava doesn't have a particular long-term goal in mind besides exploring relational programming. Any contributions to that end are welcome! That could be something like:

  • New relational programming features, like constraint support.
  • Interesting demos, like the one in java/gulava/ but better.
  • Data structures or other utilities, like java/gulava/util/


MicroKanren paper: