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NOTE: This repository is no longer maintained. The website is now maintained as part of the core gVisor repository.

gVisor Website

This repository holds the content for the gVisor website. It uses hugo to generate the website and Docsy as the theme.

Using Github

The easiest way to contribute to the documentation is to use the "Edit this page" link on any documentation page to edit the page content directly via GitHub and submit a pull request. This should generally be done for changes to a single page.

Using Git

You can submit pull requests by making changes in a Git branch. See more information on GitHub pull requests here.

Documentation is located in the content/docs/ directory. Documentation is written in markdown with hugo extensions. Please read more about content management in the hugo documentation.


Building the website requires Docker. Please install it before building.


If you want to simply build the website, you can do that using make. This will output the App Engine application code, configuration, and html and CSS into the public/ directory.



You can use the hugo web server for testing documentation or style changes. This will start a webserver that will rebuild the site when you make content changes:

make devserver

Access the site at http://localhost:8080

If you need to test all functionality including redirects you can start the App Engine app locally. However, you will need to restart the app when making content changes:

make server

Updating Styles

If you want to update style on the website you can do this by updating templates or CSS for the website. Check out the Hugo documentation for info on hugo templating. Check out the Docsy documentation for info on the Docsy theme.

Custom templates, partials, and shortcodes

Custom templates, including partials and shortcodes, should go under the layouts/ directory.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS styles should go into the _styles_project.scss file.

If you need to override or create variables used in scss styles, update the _variables_project.scss file.