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// Copyright 2018 The gVisor Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package boot
import (
// FileAccessType tells how the filesystem is accessed.
type FileAccessType int
const (
// FileAccessShared sends IO requests to a Gofer process that validates the
// requests and forwards them to the host.
FileAccessShared FileAccessType = iota
// FileAccessExclusive is the same as FileAccessShared, but enables
// extra caching for improved performance. It should only be used if
// the sandbox has exclusive access to the filesystem.
// MakeFileAccessType converts type from string.
func MakeFileAccessType(s string) (FileAccessType, error) {
switch s {
case "shared":
return FileAccessShared, nil
case "exclusive":
return FileAccessExclusive, nil
return 0, fmt.Errorf("invalid file access type %q", s)
func (f FileAccessType) String() string {
switch f {
case FileAccessShared:
return "shared"
case FileAccessExclusive:
return "exclusive"
return fmt.Sprintf("unknown(%d)", f)
// NetworkType tells which network stack to use.
type NetworkType int
const (
// NetworkSandbox uses internal network stack, isolated from the host.
NetworkSandbox NetworkType = iota
// NetworkHost redirects network related syscalls to the host network.
// NetworkNone sets up just loopback using netstack.
// MakeNetworkType converts type from string.
func MakeNetworkType(s string) (NetworkType, error) {
switch s {
case "sandbox":
return NetworkSandbox, nil
case "host":
return NetworkHost, nil
case "none":
return NetworkNone, nil
return 0, fmt.Errorf("invalid network type %q", s)
func (n NetworkType) String() string {
switch n {
case NetworkSandbox:
return "sandbox"
case NetworkHost:
return "host"
case NetworkNone:
return "none"
return fmt.Sprintf("unknown(%d)", n)
// MakeWatchdogAction converts type from string.
func MakeWatchdogAction(s string) (watchdog.Action, error) {
switch strings.ToLower(s) {
case "log", "logwarning":
return watchdog.LogWarning, nil
case "panic":
return watchdog.Panic, nil
return 0, fmt.Errorf("invalid watchdog action %q", s)
// MakeRefsLeakMode converts type from string.
func MakeRefsLeakMode(s string) (refs.LeakMode, error) {
switch strings.ToLower(s) {
case "disabled":
return refs.NoLeakChecking, nil
case "log-names":
return refs.LeaksLogWarning, nil
case "log-traces":
return refs.LeaksLogTraces, nil
return 0, fmt.Errorf("invalid refs leakmode %q", s)
func refsLeakModeToString(mode refs.LeakMode) string {
switch mode {
// If not set, default it to disabled.
case refs.UninitializedLeakChecking, refs.NoLeakChecking:
return "disabled"
case refs.LeaksLogWarning:
return "log-names"
case refs.LeaksLogTraces:
return "log-traces"
panic(fmt.Sprintf("Invalid leakmode: %d", mode))
// Config holds configuration that is not part of the runtime spec.
type Config struct {
// RootDir is the runtime root directory.
RootDir string
// Debug indicates that debug logging should be enabled.
Debug bool
// LogFilename is the filename to log to, if not empty.
LogFilename string
// LogFormat is the log format.
LogFormat string
// DebugLog is the path to log debug information to, if not empty.
DebugLog string
// DebugLogFormat is the log format for debug.
DebugLogFormat string
// FileAccess indicates how the filesystem is accessed.
FileAccess FileAccessType
// Overlay is whether to wrap the root filesystem in an overlay.
Overlay bool
// FSGoferHostUDS enables the gofer to mount a host UDS.
FSGoferHostUDS bool
// Network indicates what type of network to use.
Network NetworkType
// EnableRaw indicates whether raw sockets should be enabled. Raw
// sockets are disabled by stripping CAP_NET_RAW from the list of
// capabilities.
EnableRaw bool
// HardwareGSO indicates that hardware segmentation offload is enabled.
HardwareGSO bool
// SoftwareGSO indicates that software segmentation offload is enabled.
SoftwareGSO bool
// LogPackets indicates that all network packets should be logged.
LogPackets bool
// Platform is the platform to run on.
Platform string
// Strace indicates that strace should be enabled.
Strace bool
// StraceSyscalls is the set of syscalls to trace. If StraceEnable is
// true and this list is empty, then all syscalls will be traced.
StraceSyscalls []string
// StraceLogSize is the max size of data blobs to display.
StraceLogSize uint
// DisableSeccomp indicates whether seccomp syscall filters should be
// disabled. Pardon the double negation, but default to enabled is important.
DisableSeccomp bool
// WatchdogAction sets what action the watchdog takes when triggered.
WatchdogAction watchdog.Action
// PanicSignal registers signal handling that panics. Usually set to
// SIGUSR2(12) to troubleshoot hangs. -1 disables it.
PanicSignal int
// ProfileEnable is set to prepare the sandbox to be profiled.
ProfileEnable bool
// RestoreFile is the path to the saved container image
RestoreFile string
// NumNetworkChannels controls the number of AF_PACKET sockets that map
// to the same underlying network device. This allows netstack to better
// scale for high throughput use cases.
NumNetworkChannels int
// Rootless allows the sandbox to be started with a user that is not root.
// Defense is depth measures are weaker with rootless. Specifically, the
// sandbox and Gofer process run as root inside a user namespace with root
// mapped to the caller's user.
Rootless bool
// AlsoLogToStderr allows to send log messages to stderr.
AlsoLogToStderr bool
// ReferenceLeakMode sets reference leak check mode
ReferenceLeakMode refs.LeakMode
// OverlayfsStaleRead causes cached FDs to reopen after a file is opened for
// write to workaround overlayfs limitation on kernels before 4.19.
OverlayfsStaleRead bool
// TestOnlyAllowRunAsCurrentUserWithoutChroot should only be used in
// tests. It allows runsc to start the sandbox process as the current
// user, and without chrooting the sandbox process. This can be
// necessary in test environments that have limited capabilities.
TestOnlyAllowRunAsCurrentUserWithoutChroot bool
// TestOnlyTestNameEnv should only be used in tests. It looks up for the
// test name in the container environment variables and adds it to the debug
// log file name. This is done to help identify the log with the test when
// multiple tests are run in parallel, since there is no way to pass
// parameters to the runtime from docker.
TestOnlyTestNameEnv string
// ToFlags returns a slice of flags that correspond to the given Config.
func (c *Config) ToFlags() []string {
f := []string{
"--root=" + c.RootDir,
"--debug=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.Debug),
"--log=" + c.LogFilename,
"--log-format=" + c.LogFormat,
"--debug-log=" + c.DebugLog,
"--debug-log-format=" + c.DebugLogFormat,
"--file-access=" + c.FileAccess.String(),
"--overlay=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.Overlay),
"--fsgofer-host-uds=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.FSGoferHostUDS),
"--network=" + c.Network.String(),
"--log-packets=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.LogPackets),
"--platform=" + c.Platform,
"--strace=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.Strace),
"--strace-syscalls=" + strings.Join(c.StraceSyscalls, ","),
"--strace-log-size=" + strconv.Itoa(int(c.StraceLogSize)),
"--watchdog-action=" + c.WatchdogAction.String(),
"--panic-signal=" + strconv.Itoa(c.PanicSignal),
"--profile=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.ProfileEnable),
"--net-raw=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.EnableRaw),
"--num-network-channels=" + strconv.Itoa(c.NumNetworkChannels),
"--rootless=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.Rootless),
"--alsologtostderr=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.AlsoLogToStderr),
"--ref-leak-mode=" + refsLeakModeToString(c.ReferenceLeakMode),
"--gso=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.HardwareGSO),
"--software-gso=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.SoftwareGSO),
"--overlayfs-stale-read=" + strconv.FormatBool(c.OverlayfsStaleRead),
// Only include these if set since it is never to be used by users.
if c.TestOnlyAllowRunAsCurrentUserWithoutChroot {
f = append(f, "--TESTONLY-unsafe-nonroot=true")
if len(c.TestOnlyTestNameEnv) != 0 {
f = append(f, "--TESTONLY-test-name-env="+c.TestOnlyTestNameEnv)
return f
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