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Heroku buildpack for Bazel. Currenly, only Java is supported.

Bazel is an open-source build tool created by and for the engineers at Google.

Required files

  1. BUILD See the documentation on top-level BUILD files.
  2. WORKSPACE See the documentation on Bazel WORKSPACE.
  3. build_path This file should contain text for the bazel path to the deploy jar for your application. For example, if the path to your java_binary target is pkg:server, this file should contain:

Default Procfile

The default Procfile is:

web: .jdk/bin/java -jar app.jar

This does not need to be included in your app.

If you need custom JVM flags, you'll need to include a custom Procfile with your application. Modify the line above with the flags you want.

Use this buildpack

heroku buildpacks:set
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