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Find file Copy path
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os: linux
sudo: enabled
language: python
- "2.7"
- "3.6"
# We need to install python-3.6 from a third party repo as it is not
# available as a standard package on Travis Trusty VMs.
- sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/python-3.6 -y
- sudo apt-get update -q
- sudo apt-get install python3.6
- sudo apt-get install python3.6-dev
- pip install networkx
- pip install six
- pip install pytype
# Use one long command so that the build will fail on the first error:
# Run pytype with the same host and target versions so that all of
# importlab's dependencies are present.
script: pytype -V$TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION && ./tests/
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