Can't use chrome dev tools profiler with ios-webkitdebug-proxy #52

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I was not able to get chrome dev tools profiler working when using Ipad device or using simulator. I couldn't find any issue related to profiler working or not working. Just want to make sure that this feature is not supposed to work since the safari debug tools don't have a profiler.

When I use profiler I see blank screen and see JS error:

Request with id = 23 failed. Method not found(-32601): 'Profiler.getProfile' wasn't found.

All the profile windows are empty



I couldn't get the chrome profiler to work either. (For me it was 'Profiler.setSamplingInterval' wasn't found);

Safari has some basic profiling tools under Timelines > Profiles


What would it take to get this working?


Any updates on this?


@kcbanner @jordwalke I'm currently working on a compatibility layer between chrome and safari dev tools protocols, I think I'll publish the first working version in a month or so


@artygus Is that a complete reimplementation of the ios-webkit-debug-proxy, or just fixing the issues? I'd really like to hear more about what you're doing.


@artygus @jordwalke +1 listening in here.


@jordwalke nope, iwdp does the only one thing, it proxies dev tools messages from iOS browser. Chrome and Safari have diverged a little bit with the debugger protocol at some point, so technically it is possible to write another proxy that translates things from the old protocol to what Chrome understands now. You can get the idea here #86 (comment)


@artygus Thanks. Well, I assure you that anyone using React Native would be very excited to hear what your findings are. Please keep us posted.


@kcbanner @jordwalke @auchenberg hey guys, as I don't have enough free time to finish work on compatibility proxy right now, so I decided to make at least a little progress on the issue extracting webkit webinspector diectly, maybe you will find it useful


Regarding the Profiler tab I'm afraid it's not possible at all, Profiler domain was completely removed with protocol v9, and only CPU profiling was possible in previous versions

UPD: v9 is upcoming protocol, so CPU profiling will be here for a while. I looked closer into syntax of CPU profiling results of webkit and chrome devtools protocols and it looks to me that it's still possible to handle


@artygus Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

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