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Commits on Apr 15, 2019
  1. Replace calls to goog.define with assignments to the result of goog.d…

    shicks authored and Copybara-Service committed Apr 15, 2019
    Background: To support goog.define within modules, it will soon stop exporting the named variable on the global object. In preparation for this, we need to manually export the names instead. This is effectively performing the rewriting that the compiler was already doing in RewriteClosurePrimitives.
    Nonqualified names that are never mutated have been made into module locals for production code and globals for test code.  This is consistent with production code being most likely to work compiled (where the compiler rewrites them to locals) and test code being most likely to work uncompiled (where Closure Library makes them global).
    This change was generated by http://cs/experimental/users/sdh/util/googdef. See go/lsc-goog-define for more details.
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