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<h3>Quick Links</h3>
- <li>Keyczar
- Java v0.5b: <a href="">Java 1.6</a>,
- <a href="">Java 1.5</a> <a href="javadocs/index.html">JavaDocs</a></li>
- <li><a
- href="">Keyczar
- Python (0.5b)</a>, <a href="pydocs/index.html">PyDocs</a></li>
+ <li>Java and Python
+ <a href="">Downloads</a></li>
<li><a href="">Discussion
<li><a href="">Design
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algorithm to use, the key length to use, the mode of operation, how to
handle initialization vectors, how to rotate keys, and how to sign
ciphertexts. Keyczar simplifies these choices. Using an existing keyset,
-a Java developer would just need to call the following:</p>
+a Java developer would need to call the following:</p>
<div id="code"><pre>
Crypter crypter = new Crypter("/path/to/your/keys");
String ciphertext = crypter.encrypt("Secret message");
-<p>Similarly a Python developer would just call the following:</p>
+<p>Similarly a Python developer would call the following:</p>
<div id="code"><pre>
crypter = Crypter.Read("/path/to/your/keys");
@@ -105,9 +101,10 @@
Team</a>. Special thanks to <a href="">Ben Laurie</a> for
much of the original design and code. Thanks to <a
href="">Neil Daswani</a> and Marius Schilder
-for design contributions. Thanks to Sarvar Patel, Loren Kornfelder,
-Manuel Marquez Garrido, Rafael Castro, and Laura Krotowski for their
-various contributions.</p>
+for design contributions. Thanks to S&eacute;bastien Martini for the C++
+implementation and Martin Clausen for the ECC implementation.
+Thanks to Sarvar Patel, Loren Kornfelder, Manuel Marquez Garrido,
+Rafael Castro, and Laura Krotowski for their various contributions.</p>
<div id="footer"><a href="index.html">Home</a> - <a
href="">Project</a> - <a

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