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`kf` provides `cf` users a familiar workflow experience on top of Knative.
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josephlewis42 and mattysweeps added service account to source (#328)
This adds the ability to specify a service account on a Source. We use the field name ServiceAccount to match Tekton rather than ServiceAccountName which matches Knative Build.

This will ensure we don't break the instructions Evan is putting together that rely on setting a service account.

Longer term, we should put a default service account on the space to be used for all builds to prevent privilege escalation by devs.
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kf provides a cf-like experience on top of Knative.

kf aims to be fully compatible with CF applications and lifecycle. It supports logs, buildpacks, app manifests, routing, service brokers, and injected services.

At the same time, it aims to improve the operational experience by supporting git-ops, self-healing infrastructure, containers, a service mesh, autoscaling, scale-to-zero, improved quota management and does it all on Kubernetes using industry-standard OSS tools including Knative, Istio, and Tekton.

Getting started

Follow the install instructions to create a GKE cluster, install Kf into it, and deploy an app with the kf CLI.

How to build


  • Golang 1.12 (go mod is used and required for dependencies)


$ ./hack/


  • The kf CLI must be built outside of the $GOPATH folder unless you explicitly use export GO111MODULE=on.

Development and releasing

We use ko for rapid development and during the release process to build a full set of kf images and installation YAML.

To update your cluster while developing run ko apply: ko apply -f config

This will build any images required by config/, upload them to the provided registry, and apply the resulting configuration to the current cluster.

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