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Kleaver is an experimental tool for managing out-of-tree kernel modules.
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htfy96 and stfairy build: terminate early when external commands fail
  With pkg.presubmitCmd set to "foo":

  I0715 19:31:10.918586  28213 extcmd.c:54] extcmd_run: 0x7ffce1c95350 foo
  sh: foo: command not found
  I0715 19:31:10.921588  28213 extcmd.c:66] extcmd_run: 0x7ffce1c95350 exited with code 127

  Without this patch, the above messages repeat once for each dependency.

Change-Id: I4f0021382f70697ff6c1d519408fb40e19e4f4c2
Latest commit 02b8c13 Jul 11, 2019


This directory contains the source code of Kleaver, a command-line tool to help
Linux kernel developers in managing out-of-tree kernel modules.

This is not an officially supported Google product.
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