KernelMemorySanitizer, a detector of uses of uninitialized memory in the Linux kernel
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KMSAN (KernelMemorySanitizer)

KMSAN is a detector of uninitialized memory use for the Linux kernel. It is currently in development.

Contact: ramosian-glider@


How to build

In order to build a kernel with KMSAN you'll need a custom Clang built from a patched tree on LLVM r298239.

export WORLD=`pwd`

Build Clang

# I sometimes forget to update this revision.
# Please refer to the contents of kmsan-llvm.patch in that case.
svn co -r $R llvm
cd llvm
(cd tools && svn co -r $R clang)
(cd projects && svn co -r $R compiler-rt)
patch -p0 -i kmsan-llvm.patch
(cd tools/clang && patch -p0 -i kmsan-clang.patch)
mkdir llvm_cmake_build && cd llvm_cmake_build
make -j64 clang
export KMSAN_CLANG_PATH=`pwd`/bin/clang

Configure and build the kernel

git clone kmsan
cd kmsan
# Now configure the kernel. You basically need to enable CONFIG_KMSAN and CONFIG_KCOV,
# plus maybe some 9P options to interact with QEMU.
cp .config.example .config
# Note that expects $KMSAN_CLANG_PATH to point to a Clang binary!
make CC=`pwd`/ -j64 -k 2>&1 | tee build.log

Run the kernel

You can refer to for the instructions on running the freshly built kernel in a QEMU VM. Also consider running a KMSAN-instrumented kernel under syzkaller.


See for the list of trophies.