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latexify is a Python package to compile a fragment of Python source code to a corresponding $\LaTeX$ expression:

Example of latexify usage

latexify provides the following functionalities:

  • Libraries to compile Python source code or AST to $\LaTeX$.
  • IPython classes to pretty-print compiled functions.


  1. Which Python versions are supported?

    Syntaxes on Pythons 3.7 to 3.11 are officially supported, or will be supported.

  2. Which technique is used?

    latexify is implemented as a rule-based system on the official ast package.

  3. Are "AI" techniques adopted?

    latexify is based on traditional parsing techniques. If the "AI" meant some techniques around machine learning, the answer is no.

Getting started

We prepared a Google Colaboratory notebook that provides several examples to use this package.

See also the official documentation for more details.

How to Contribute

To contribute to this project, please refer


This software is currently hosted on, but not officially supported by Google.

If you have any issues and/or questions about this software, please visit the issue tracker or contact the main maintainer.


This software adopts the Apache License 2.0.