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Google's JavaScript library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers.

How to setup:

  1. Checkout closure-library, closure-compiler, closure-linter and python-gflags next to libphonenumber:
  • git clone

  • git clone

  • git clone

  • git clone

  • git clone

If you don't checkout the dependencies next to libphonenumber:

  1. Change the path of the <script src=""> in the html pages to point to wherever base.js is located

  2. Update javascript/build.xml with the correct paths

  3. Run the unit tests to make sure everything is working. Open the following pages with your web browser: javascript/i18n/phonenumbers/phonenumberutil_test.html javascript/i18n/phonenumbers/asyoutypeformatter_test.html

  4. Run the demo: javascript/i18n/phonenumbers/demo.html

How to compile:

  1. Build Closure's compiler.jar: mvn -DskipTests

  2. Compile the demo.js and all its dependencies to one file: demo-compiled.js: ant -f javascript/build.xml compile-demo

  3. Run the compiled demo: javascript/i18n/phonenumbers/demo-compiled.html

How to use:

To use and compile the library in your own project, use the javascript/i18n/phonenumbers/demo.js as an example. You will need to goog.exportSymbol all the methods you use in your html so that the compiler won't rename them. You can then invoke the compiler similarly to how the compile-demo ant target in javascript/build.xml invokes it.

How to update:

The JavaScript library is ported from the Java implementation. When the Java project gets updated follow these steps to update the JavaScript project:

  1. If the protocol buffers (phonemetadata.proto and phonenumber.proto) have changed:
  • Manually update the .pb.js files with the changes of the .proto files.
  • Manually update the toJsArray() Java methods in tools/java/java-build/src/com/google/i18n/phonenumbers/
  • Build tools/java/java-build/target/java-build-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar by running: mvn -f tools/java/java-build/pom.xml package
  1. If the phone number metadata in the XML format has changed resources/PhoneNumberMetadata.xml run the following commands to regenerate metadata.js and metadatafortesting.js:

ant -f java/build.xml build-js-metadata

  1. Manually port any changes of the Java code to the JavaScript code:
  • => phonenumberutil.js
  • => asyoutypeformatter.js
  • => phonenumberutil_test.js
  • => asyoutypeformatter_test.js
  1. Run the Closure Compiler to get your changes syntax and type checked. This will also generate demo-compiled.js used by demo-compiler.html

ant -f javascript/build.xml compile

  1. Run the Closure Linter to lint the JavaScript files:

ant -f javascript/build.xml lint

Missing functionality:

  1. JS port does not support extracting phone-numbers from text (findNumbers).
  2. JS port does not have an offline phone number geocoder.
  3. JS port of PhoneNumberUtil does not handle all digits, only a subset (JavaScript has no equivalent to the Java Character.digit).
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